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Improve delivery efficiency? Higher frequency deliveries will free up capital in your warehouse.

We strive to embody and align ourselves with your company’s values and goals.

Partner to build a professional relationship to grow and expand your touch points and profits.

Improved customer satisfaction through our customer relationship program. The analysis of this data reveals 98% customer satisfaction rating.


Great Service

Nowlogix has been providing excellent service to our clients for 20 years.

Our team of friendly and supportive staff will help you reach your business’ goals.

Taking pride in their reputation for being punctual they strive to deliver on time anywhere.

We aim to form relationships with the men and women receiving the goods and maintain a professional standard.


NOWLOGIX caters for a wide range of cargo constraints.

Our flexible distribution network is able to adapt quickly to variable daily fleet requirement.

Deliveries operate on a 24hr or 48hr order lead time.

Customers are guaranteed a constant supply of fresh stock.


Simple, Easy Solutions

  • Dedication 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100%
  • Growth 100%

Proudly Serving


We service all stores from high-end retailers and wholesalers such as SPAR, SHOPRITE, MASSMART to FUEL STATION CONVENIENCE STORES and SPAZA SHOPS.

Your temperature-controlled supply chain solution is just a phone call away.

We create smart supply chain solutions that level the playing field and give your business a competitive advantage, and we’ll even open the door to new opportunities.

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