About Us

We are a forward thinking efficient warehousing and distribution company for Fast Moving Consumer Goods | FMCG.

The best all-in-one transport solution! NOWLOGIX supplies frequent deliveries to safeguard a constant supply of fresh stock, saving money while reducing your carbon foot print.

Our refrigerated fleet offers compartmentalised temperature sensitive storage. We ensure that your ambient, chilled and frozen goods get to their destination in perfect condition.

Providing peace of mind is a priority. We do our homework giving you calculated rates with the most cost effective way to transport your goods. We can guarantee the safety of your goods through satellite tracking as well CCTV cameras inside the trucks.


To generate higher efficiencies for our clients through a complete distribution solution. NOWLOGIX is committed to provide the most, cost effective transport each and every day, while delivering Quality, Consistency and Dependability to all our client’s


To establish NOWLOGIX as the premiere logistics service provider in South Africa, by continually exceeding our client’s expectations. NOWLOGIX thrives on innovation; delivering new results which propels our client’s to greater proficiencies – enabling their growth.

NOWLOGIX is looking to synergise with your company. We have partnered with blue chip companies over the years, and are dedicated to building long term, mutually beneficial relationships. This is through understanding the unique requirements of our customers, designing cost effective logistics and creating sustainability for all stakeholders.

Get in touch with us and we’ll come up with a solution to fit your business’ needs. Whether you’re just starting up or a fully established blue chip company.

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